Propane & Gas Water Heater Replacement / Installation

close-up of a technician attaching a hose to a home water heater

An Important Home Appliance

The water heater is important in any home, having the task of heating water for baths and showers along with washing dishes and a variety of other tasks. A water heater that is working properly will provide hot water on demand. However, a water heater that isn’t working properly can cause a lot of inconvenience and expense. Sometimes a repair can take care of the problem; in other cases, you may need a new water heater entirely. If you need propane & gas water heater replacement in Marietta, GA or the surrounding area, our team can be there to help. Give us a call at 770-590-5006 to schedule your services.

Professional Propane & Gas Water Heater Replacement

A propane or gas water heater is a great option for those who want to have a reliable and efficient water heater in their home. These water heaters use natural gas or propane to heat the water and are typically able to provide hot water on demand. This makes them a great choice, but it also means there are a variety of issues that can arise.

There are a few common problems that can occur with water heaters that function on propane and gas. One of the most common is the pilot light going out. However, if this happens taking care of the issue is fairly simple, as you’ll just need to relight it. Another common problem is that the heater doesn’t produce enough hot water, or has stopped producing hot water altogether. When this happens, you may need to have it serviced or replaced, as there are many problems that can arise with a water heater, most requiring professional attention.

Schedule Your Service

If you’re having any problems with your propane or gas water heater, our team can help. We provide high-quality services, starting with identifying the source of the issue you are having with your hot water heater. In addition to helping with propane and gas water heaters, we can be there to help with various other types of water heater replacement and installation. This includes help with tankless water heaters. To learn more about propane & gas water heater replacement in Marietta, GA and the surrounding area, we encourage you to reach out to our plumbing professionals. Call today at 770-590-5006.