Gas Leak Detection

close-up of a gas leak detection device

Keeping Your Home Safe

A gas leak can be extremely dangerous, as it can lead to an explosion. This is in addition to the range of health problems that can arise due to gas exposure. However, natural gas is safe in the home as long as you take the proper precautions. The first thing to remember is that if you suspect a gas leak in or around your home, you shouldn’t try to locate the leak yourself. Leave this job to the professionals. Additionally, do not use any flames or sparks in the area, as they could ignite the gas and cause an explosion. If you need someone to help with gas leak detection in Atlanta, GA or the surrounding area, our team can be there for you. Just give us a call at 770-590-5006 to arrange your service.

When to Schedule Gas Leak Detection

There are a few different types of gas leaks that can occur in a home. The most common are gas leaks from appliances, gas line breaks, and gas tank leaks. Gas leaks from appliances are by far the most common type of leak. This can happen when an appliance is damaged or when it ages and starts to wear down. A gas line break is a little less common, but it can happen if a gas line is damaged. This could be from a car hitting a gas line, or from construction work that damages the line. A gas tank leak is the least common type of leak, but it can happen if a tank starts to rust or if it’s damaged.

There are many things that may indicate you have a gas leak. The most obvious and simplest to detect is the scent of natural gas in or around your home, which typically has a sulfuric or “rotten egg” scent. You may also notice higher-than-normal gas bills but have no real explanation for the cause of that change. Another more noticeable sign is sound coming from around a gas appliance or a gas line, which can be an unusual hissing or roaring noise.

Let Us Help You

Our team can be there to help regardless of the problem you are experiencing, and after your gas leak detection services are complete we can provide any further help you may need. This includes gas line installation if a new line is needed to solve your problem as well as help with your gas-powered appliances and equipment, such as gas generator installation. No matter the source of the problem, you can count on us for gas leak detection in Atlanta, GA and surrounding cities. Schedule your service by giving us a call at 770-590-5006.